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          1975 SPIL was founded and specialized in production of copper fittings and casting in Taiwan.

          1994 SPIL entered China mainland and established as Shanghai GuangLing Hardware Products Co., LTD

          1997 SPIL’s technology of manufacturing attracted the great attention of the world famous brands and officially started expanding the European, American and other Asian markets.

          1998 SPIL acquired ISO9000 certification.

          2003 SPIL started to purchase numerous “machines center” and digital manufacturing equipments.

          2005 Launched the shower hinges new product lines which became the mainly product category of SPIL.

          2006 SPIL extended markets to Asia、Europe、America.

          2009 SPIL expanded the scale and reached to the African market.

          2014 SPIL manufactured by robots to control quality and quantity.

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