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                1. About Us

                  Water, is the soul of SPIL! It is the most precious resource on earth. The spirit of SPIL is the highly esteemed design philosophy that enables all humankind to be carefree and to hold an intimate bond with water.

                  SPIL was founded in 1975. We specialize in production, processing of copper fittings and casting. Initially, we focused on processing bathroom and kitchen hardware fitting. We became the leading domestic brand in mainland China shortly, after we officially entered the Chinese markedt with our production facility in Shanghai, and established as Shanghai GuangLing Hardware Product CO., LTD in 1994. Our production facility covers up to 5157 ㎡. SPIL strives for continuous professional improvements and has transformed from production processing to integrated design development, providing consumers with more comfortable and diverse choices. Furthmore, SPIL invests most of the revenue to purchase numerous “machines center” and digital manufacturing equipments.In 2014 years, we manufactured by robots to control quality and quantity.

                  SPIL’s business has reached across four Continents. According to the feedback from our clients from each market, SPIL understands how to cater for the cultural and habitual differents in each region. Currently, SPIL remains to insist only on high quality products. Our constant mission is to deliver the safe and joyful life to our customers.

                  Contact Us

                  Name Shanghai GuangLing Hardware Products Co., LTD
                  Add No. 2081 Huqingping Highway Shanghai, China
                  Zip Code 201702
                  Tel 021-39811809
                  Fax 021-39811429
                  Contact Stella
                  Mobile 13701966889
                  Email spil39811809@qq.com
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